Self Employed Beauty or lifestyle experts

Become an expert

Looking to own your craft and make more money while at it? Or you are desiring the right clients for your skills? Or do you want a system that provides you with good clients while you focus on what you are best at?

We know how much being in the right place, with the right skills, and at the right time can achieve for your craft. That is why we do what we do.

Why work with us!

  1. Access to a great team: we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Here, equality and inclusion are of great importance to us. All of our experts are treated in fairness and presented with equal opportunity to grow and earn more.
  2. Fast and easy payment: luxury beauty offers you fast and easy payment as support for your hard work. We make prompt payment as, and when due. Bonuses and rewards are not excluded from the packages we have for our experts.
  3. Awesome customer support: whether you need a conflict resolved between yourself and a client., or you are experiencing difficulty in running your business on the mobile app, the luxury beauty customer support offers on-time response and quick resolutions to the problems reported.
  4. Increased client base: Build and strengthen your clients base when you work with luxury beauty. You get access to quality clients and kickstart your journey to building a great career.
  5. Earn more: When you work with us, you earn more than in a salon and get to keep 60-80% of your money depending on the services rendered.
  6. Decide when you work and where: at luxury beauty, you get to set a schedule that fits your lifestyle. You also get the freedom to work with another salon outside of luxury beauty, if you want to, but keep it professional. Very important!
  7. Work on the go: with just a tap on your smartphone, you get access to running your dream business and making more money via the luxury beauty mobile app.

Who we are looking for!

  • Expert make-up artist.
  • Professional hairstylist
  • Expert esthetician
  • Trainers

How to become a luxury beauty expert

  • Submit your application
  • Prepare for the interview: we will schedule an interview with you to assess your kits, skillset, and answer all questions.
  • Presentation: you get to perform your skill on a model in front of our talent acquisition team.
  • Welcome on board to the luxury side of life.